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Maven Wave Partners (IT Park, Chandigarh)

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Maven Wave Partners


Maven Wave, a Chicago Based company, is one of the world’s top consulting firms specializing in technology solutions focused on the cloud, data analytics, mobile, and user experience.

For their new Chandigarh Office, in IT Park, they required an office matching their high international standing and organizational culture.

For their reception area, we drew from the strong local design ethos of Chandigarh, and played with the modernist monochromatic tones of Concrete, that adorn Chandigarh’s Capitol Complex. The Reception area is highlighted by natural brick tile cladding and a feature wall that showcases what Maven Wave is all about.

We have incorporated modern office Interior Design concepts. The open office layout is planned as per the flat level hierarchy that exists in the organization, with 5 distinct meeting rooms, a breakout area, and a recreational area. The office planning enables tremendous capacity for collaborative working.

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Orient Electric – Switchgear office

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Orient Electric – Switchgear Office

With a history of nearly 80 years of expertise, Orient Electric is one of the global leaders in electrical industry with a presence in over 18 countries across the world.

Known as Orient Electricals, the parent group “CK Birla” overhauled the brand image in 2014 and rechristened the company as “Orient Electric”. This new branding was part of the company strategy to make it more modern and to stay ahead for the existing competition.

In 2014 they also started the manufacturing of Switchgear with a specific focus on MCBs. This office in Noida is the first office of the brand new switchgear division, and was designed to keep with the company’s new modern, and slick branding.

We focused on creating a modern design, open plan and flat level hierarchy office area, which was something which the managerial staff was not too accustomed to, but it was the direction in which the company wanted to head in in it’s process of “modernization.”

Key Features:

  1. Modern Straight line design, with optimum space utilization.
  2. Open plan office area with a flat level hierarchy.
  3. Ample circulation spaces in the office area to create an open environment.
  4. Open workstation area without central partitions to enable greater collaborative working.
  5. Use of straight-line, sleek furniture to enhance spaces.
  6. Use of IGBC rated furniture with fully recyclable materials.
  7. Dedicated discussion areas to facilitate vendor meetings without office disruptions.
  8. Bespoke design of the reception table featuring the inner components of the MCB.
  9. Spacious reception area with ample scope for further expansion.
  10. Use of Low VOC paints and adhesives.
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IICC Auditorium

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IICC Auditorium

In the heart of delhi on lodhi road is this beautiful building, showcasing the Islamic Architecture in all it’s glory. The conference room 1 was designed for an attendance of around 80 people, and can also serve as a concert venue. The curved seating is reflected in the ceiling design to create a visual of greater space and aesthetics.

Modern Office Interior Design

IICC Conference

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IICC Conference

In the heart of delhi on lodhi road is this beautiful building, showcasing the Islamic Architecture in all it’s glory. The conference room 1 was designed for an attendance of around 80 people, and can also serve as a concert venue. The curved seating is reflected in the ceiling design to create a visual of greater space and aesthetic.

The second conference room in the Indian Islamic Cultural Centre was designed to cater exclusively for sector leading corporates. The monochromatic scheme of the ceiling fitted with a projector and speakers, is complemented with a conference table equipped with built in telephone ports, internet ports, and microphones. The conference room has a capacity of 40 people.

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Shivalik View

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Shivalik View

The executive floor had three categories of rooms. The Suites, the Premium Rooms and the Deluxe Rooms. All the rooms have been done up in rich wooden textures and earthly fabrics to give it a warm and luxurious feel.

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Bajwa Developers Head Office – Kharar

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Bajwa Developers Head Office

The new Head Office for Bajwa Developers, is an inspirational space designed around the universal concept of a Chakra (Wheel).

BDL are one of the biggest and most prolific builders in Punjab. With a rapidly expanding client base, operating from a cramped and chaotic office space was causing severe disruptions and resulting in unsatisfied customers and workers.

Through extensive research use we planned the office on two separate floors, the 5th floor being an executive area for senior management and sales, and the 6th floor serving as a dedicated client focused admin area. The two office floors are consolidated by 4 conical cut outs, which serve as a central landscape area and also enables the office function as one efficient unit.

Key Features:

  1. Circular layout based on a Chakra and it’s spokes forming the cabin spaces, achieved using Bent Toughened Glass Partitions.
  2. Abundant natural light and ventilation.
  3. Open and clutter free working environment with large circulation spaces and casual breakout areas enabling agile and collaborative working.
  4. Hot-Desking with a flat level hierarchy for the office areas on the 6th floor enabling greater collaboration, cleaner work place environments and reducing costs.
  5. Double height central landscape area to beautify as well provide the workers visual relief.
  6. High quality executive areas with modern monochromatic colour schemes.
  7. Efficient visitor/office management systems through methodical planning after extensive research and observation.
  8. Use of sustainable materials like Engineered Stone, low VOC rated Paints in all office areas, ISO 14001:2004 certified furniture.


L’Oreal India – Baddi

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L’Oreal India – Baddi

Like us, L’Oreal India has great focus on sustainability, which they wanted to reflect in their office space in Baddi. We chose reclaimed pine wood as the “star material” for their office. Pine wood is a hallmark of Himachal Pradesh, and we sourced all the wood from wooden pallets that we discarded in factories in and around Baddi. These were then cleaned, and disinfected and used for furniture and wall panellings. The wood was finished using an organic polish which contains no VOC.

Spectra computech – Chandigarh

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Spectra computech – Chandigarh

Office furniture in reclaimed pine wood. With Spectra Computech we were able to give our client an office that was modern, utilitarian, as well as sustainable. All the furniture, Ceiling and the frames are made out of reclaimed pine wood. The highlight of the office is the gorgeous grey stained curved conference table, which is equipped with 2 pop up electrical, data, and communication boxes.

Spangle heights homestay – Shimla

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Spangle heights homestay – Shimla

Spangle Heights is a homestay nestled away in a village called Kamyana, near Shimla in Himachal Pradesh. It takes around 40 mins to reach there by car from main Shimla. Set bang in the middle of to lush green valleys, the site is truly inspiring. We wanted to create sustainable rooms for the occupants, who would feel one with the nature, looking out into the valley and also when they look at their room. The furniture is made in Reclaimed pine and Fir wood, and finished with french polish. The aesthetic takes hints from Himachali decor and motifs, yet retaining a very modern and contemporary edge.