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Orient Electric – Switchgear Office

With a history of nearly 80 years of expertise, Orient Electric is one of the global leaders in electrical industry with a presence in over 18 countries across the world.

Known as Orient Electricals, the parent group “CK Birla” overhauled the brand image in 2014 and rechristened the company as “Orient Electric”. This new branding was part of the company strategy to make it more modern and to stay ahead for the existing competition.

In 2014 they also started the manufacturing of Switchgear with a specific focus on MCBs. This office in Noida is the first office of the brand new switchgear division, and was designed to keep with the company’s new modern, and slick branding.

We focused on creating a modern design, open plan and flat level hierarchy office area, which was something which the managerial staff was not too accustomed to, but it was the direction in which the company wanted to head in in it’s process of “modernization.”

Key Features:

  1. Modern Straight line design, with optimum space utilization.
  2. Open plan office area with a flat level hierarchy.
  3. Ample circulation spaces in the office area to create an open environment.
  4. Open workstation area without central partitions to enable greater collaborative working.
  5. Use of straight-line, sleek furniture to enhance spaces.
  6. Use of IGBC rated furniture with fully recyclable materials.
  7. Dedicated discussion areas to facilitate vendor meetings without office disruptions.
  8. Bespoke design of the reception table featuring the inner components of the MCB.
  9. Spacious reception area with ample scope for further expansion.
  10. Use of Low VOC paints and adhesives.