About Green Architecture

Green architecture and building design is all rage today. Green architecture is the process of designing energy-efficient house which are sustainable and environmentally friendly. As we all know, using natural resources in the practice of building construction is good for environment and provide the occupants with a healthier environment. Saffron Touch interior designers/decorators and architects will always take care of nature while building any structure. We have also shared some of few green architecture features which everyone should keep in mind to maintain nature’s value.

Green Architecture Features: –

  • Airing system designed for resourceful heating & cooling
  • Energy-efficient lighting and applications
  • Water-saving sanitation fixtures
  • Nominal damage to the natural habitation
  • Alternate sources such as solar or wind power
  • Non-synthetic, non-toxic materials used inside and out
  • Re-Use of woods and stone, removing long haul passage
  • Responsibly harvested forests
  • Adaptive recycle of older structures
  • Use of recycled architectural salvage
  • Efficient use of space