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Essential Steps to Consider for Successful Building Project

The architecture of a building is one of the most defining features in the home building process Whether you are building your own home or choosing the one that’s already there. It’s obvious that

About Green Architecture

Green architecture and building design is all rage today. Green architecture is the process of designing energy-efficient house which are sustainable and environmentally friendly. As we all know, using natural resources in the practice of building construction is good for environment and provide the occupants with a healthier environment. Saffron Touch interior desi...

Architectural renovations

Difference Between Interior Designer and Interior Decorator

Most of the people thinks interior designer and interior decorator are the same and often used synonymously, but believe it not, there are a lot difference between these two professions. Both professions work to decorate the space, but there are many things which makes these two careers apart from one's another. Each one has a special job description and function.

Tips on How to Choose Best Architects

In today’s revolution era, there is no difficulty to find professionals in any field, but finding the right one is the most difficult task to do. There are a variety of methods and sources to find an architect for your project like visiting architecture websites, referrals and many more. As your building p...


Complete Guide on Architecture and its Different Segments

Architectural services have become one of the famous industry in business sector nowadays. Architecture is the combination of design, drafting of physical structure which includes many other important factors, including environment management, landscape, water and many more. An Architectural services give fre...