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Helpful Tips for Bedroom Interior Design & Renovation

As we all know, the bedroom is the most personal room in our home and it must be perfect. After all, it’s the only place where we spent a lot of time relaxing after a hard day’s work. Our best interior designers shared some handy tips to enhance the look and feel of your room. There are three main elements you need to consider while planning to start the interior of your room which are functional, harmony and mood. Taking care of just these elements will resolve most of the interior issue. Plan everything and start with your project.

Some basic design elements to create master bedroom: –

    1. Color: – Start by coloring your bedroom walls. Choose colors which create a feeling of relaxation as well as add luxury & to your lifestyle like royal blue, beige, red or any other as per your taste. Make sure the wall & ceiling paint compliment overall room decor.
    2. Add dynamic light: lighting is the most crucial part. While adding lighting, you need to be extra careful so that the mood of the room is sustained. Bedroom lighting should be warm and peaceful with very less commotion.
    3. Adding Furniture: Rather than buying the new furniture’s, you should repurpose the old furniture. Keep only that furniture which is essential for you, like side-table, dresser or closet. Always go for sleek, simple and clean in design furniture.

After colors, furnishing and furniture, the final step is accessories your room to add extra touch & finish to your room by adding rugs and carpets. You can also add wall art, frames, pictures, flowers or just a simple glass vase but don’t overdo it or it will ruin the room feel. After all this, enjoy the modern, fashionable and trendy look of your bedroom.

Essential Steps to Consider for Successful Building Project

The architecture of a building is one of the most defining features in the home building process Whether you are building your own home or choosing the one that’s already there. It’s obvious that building a new home is much critical task. Many people have trouble considering everything they’re going to need to start new building process. The construction & building process is not as simple as getting the materials and getting start to work. It always takes time and lot of planning. Here, are sharing some of the major steps you should take while building your dream home.

Budget Before Anything Else

Building a complete new home from scratch is a very expensive process. There are many things which comes into the process like material, labor, legal process costs and more. Make sure you have enough finance in your hand and for this there are various option to get financial help for your building process like get a building loan pre-approved. Hire a professional architect or contractor to get more specific estimates on building process finance and always keep a keen eye on the budget of each step of the build.

The Legal Steps

Other major expense is legal steps to go ahead with your build process. There are various approvals you must get before starting the construction like planning and building permit. get all the necessary information from councils about the land you are about to purchase. Then after land purchase and permit approvals, you can start building.

Choosing Your Contractors

After completion of all above steps, the next and the most important part is choosing interior designers, architects and building team. In your dream building project, you need people you can rely on. Carefully watch and explore the profile & portfolios of architects and designers to make sure your project is in safe hands.

Know Your Needs & Wants

Before starting the construction process, know all your needs and wants you wants in your dream home to make it more trendy and comfortable. Spend some extra time on this to get everything planned to avoid any kind of mistakes in the form and functionality of your home.

About Green Architecture

Green architecture and building design is all rage today. Green architecture is the process of designing energy-efficient house which are sustainable and environmentally friendly. As we all know, using natural resources in the practice of building construction is good for environment and provide the occupants with a healthier environment. Saffron Touch interior designers/decorators and architects will always take care of nature while building any structure. We have also shared some of few green architecture features which everyone should keep in mind to maintain nature’s value.

Green Architecture Features: –

  • Airing system designed for resourceful heating & cooling
  • Energy-efficient lighting and applications
  • Water-saving sanitation fixtures
  • Nominal damage to the natural habitation
  • Alternate sources such as solar or wind power
  • Non-synthetic, non-toxic materials used inside and out
  • Re-Use of woods and stone, removing long haul passage
  • Responsibly harvested forests
  • Adaptive recycle of older structures
  • Use of recycled architectural salvage
  • Efficient use of space
Architectural renovations

Difference Between Interior Designer and Interior Decorator

Most of the people thinks interior designer and interior decorator are the same and often used synonymously, but believe it not, there are a lot difference between these two professions. Both professions work to decorate the space, but there are many things which makes these two careers apart from one’s another. Each one has a special job description and function.

Before giving an explanation on the role difference between two, one must need to understand the difference between an interior design and interior decor. Interior design is the process of creating functional space to satisfy client requirements which involves research, analysis and integration of knowledge. An interior decoration is mainly to decorate, furnish & embellish an existing space to make it more appealing and beautiful.

Interior Designers: – Interior Designer is the person who has knowledge about construction practices and building codes. An interior designer basically works with the architectural aspects and create plans which includes building design, layouts, lighting, sound. An interior designer’s main job is to create a functional space by applying their innovative and technical solutions. An interior designer can also decorate the space as they have both artistic and analytic skills.

Interior Decorators: – An interior decorator will help you redecorate your space. They are not involved in the design of the building and layout. Interior decorators are aesthetic experts and focus on wall decor, paints, furniture arrangements, flooring and textures of a space. They can work with all kind of sectors like residential, commercial and office. An interior decorator job is to furnish or adorn a space with fashionable or beautiful things which match personality and style of the residents.

Now, you have the difference. Hire the best fit as per your need and requirement. If you still have any queries, do not hesitate to contact our interior designers and decorators. Saffron Touch has Chandigarh & Delhi best interior designers and decorators who are ready to assist you.

Common Interior Design Tips for Kitchen

Kitchen is one of the most important segment of your home and its need to be designed in such a way that it looks attractive as well as spacious. Creating ideas for kitchen interior is one of the most critical task as there are so many things to consider. One has to be very clear about the design, look, functionality and practical aspects. Whether you are doing the interior by yourself or hiring a professional interior design, there are few things which you need to keep in mind to get started.

Some of the important tips are: –

  • DO the paperwork first, make a list of all the necessary items you want to replace in your kitchen and make the budget accordingly.
  • Before proceeding with anything else, first you need to look at the shape and size of kitchen essentials such as doors, windows, cabinets and plugs & cords.
  • After considering the shape & size, the other important part of the kitchen is floors and walls. Decide what kind of floors and walls you require for kitchen like marble, wooden, stone or any other material as its need to be cleaned each and every day.
  • Next important things to consider is cabinet & storage part. Decide the color & finish for cabinets to match the looks of walls as well as also count the numbers so that it won’t look congested.
  • Last but the foremost and important part is lighting. make sure there is enough lighting in the kitchen as its change the looks, feels and also elevate the moods.

After gathering all the essentials, you can start making your dream kitchen by simply following few tips.  Also take ideas from the internet as there are various of kitchen interior design picture available which will match exactly as per requirement and need. If you still have any questions and need any kind of assistance, simply contact Saffron Touch professional interior designers in Delhi, NCR & Chandigarh.

Tips on How to Choose Best Architects

In today’s revolution era, there is no difficulty to find professionals in any field, but finding the right one is the most difficult task to do. There are a variety of methods and sources to find an architect for your project like visiting architecture websites, referrals and many more. As your building project is important to you, identification and valuation of the architect’s services is must.

We have suggested few important and value-based criteria which one should consider before hiring an architect.

  • Architect’s history and capability to perform
  • Technical competence
  • Services to be provided by the architect
  • Planning and development capabilities

Some of the few question which need to be asked: –

  • Examples of Your Previous Work
  • Strategies Towards Projects
  • Expenditure & Budget of Project
  • Time Period
  • Issue related to project and solutions

Whether your project is big or small, small renovation or a complete transformation, home or building, always hire the professional architects who bring value to your project as well as also able to transform your ideas into design solutions. If any question you need to discuss, kindly contact saffron Touch architects for assistance.

Buying Furniture? Avoid These Common Furniture Design Mistakes!

Furniture is an important part of interior designing or any home decor projects because it’s not only transform the look of your home but also impact your health, comfort and efficiency. Whether you are planning to buy new furniture for your home/offices or you want to just replace some old furniture, the process of buying is always being a complex. Today we are going to tell you some common furniture buying mistakes people often do and also some useful tips on how to buy furniture.

Major Furniture Buying Mistakes: – In this we are going to highlight some of the major facts, which people usually avoid while buying the furniture for their home or offices.

  1. Furniture Measurements – People often forget to take the measurement of the area where furniture need to be accommodate, which can increase your unnecessary store visit. Always take proper measurement before leaving for store and also match the furniture measurement at the store to avoid any kind of mistakes.
  2. Color Scheme Clashes – This is the another mistake, not paying attention to color schemes. Furniture color which might seem same in the store can be different from your interior color due to excessive store lighting. So to make sure you pick the right color, always carry samples of paints and fabrics colors to avoid any kind of indifference.
  3. Use of Furniture: – Before buying any furniture, always keep in mind, for whom you are buying this and their actual use.
  4. Furniture quality check: – Look does matter a lot, as a stylish furniture can elevate the appearance of your area but what if it’s not comfortable or not giving the comfort you desire. Always keep a check on the quality of the furniture before buying or test properly at the store itself. Buy furniture which is trendy as well as comfortable also.

Some other Common mistakes are:

  • Buying furniture on impulse is not at all good. Today’s there are number of beautifully crafted furniture available in stores with one must fall in love with. Choose carefully and spend smartly.
  • Taking other opinions about furniture design is good but consulting too many people will only make you confused. Always take advice from experts.
  • People often hesitate to ask for help at store while the furniture selection process. Avoid hesitation and ask help from salesperson at store which can give you a good idea of all the options.

Above all of these are the facts which one can consider while buying furniture for their home or offices. If still you need any kind of advice or assistance, simply contact Saffron Touch furniture designer.

Pro Tips on Modern & Startup Office Interior Design Trends

Pro Tips on Modern & Startup Office Interior Design Trends

Today’s Era of innovation where technology has become an essential part of business and integral to office design, creating an office which enhance the office productivity as well as make your staff happy and efficiently is a challenging task. So, whether you are creating a new office or renovating your old workplace, our interior designers have shared some design tips which helps to create a functional and modern office for your startup business.

Office Receptions – Office reception is the initial & an important part of a modern office which makes a statement and convey your organization image, ethos & aspirations. Make the reception area visually appealing and efficient, which gives a positive impression to all visitors.

Flexible workspace – work requires both concentration and spaces, so plan modern workplace interior for startup office which stimulates creativity, collaboration and teamwork altogether. Make a relaxation area or games room, where employees can take a break from their work and embrace fun activities.

Go Green – As we all know; plants have great positive psychological effects. Planting trees and beautiful garden design within the office can increase the office interior & also helps to clean the air.

Color Psychology – Colors are very emotive, subjective and it’s a great way to make an eye-catching design in modern office fit outs. Choose color combinations and tricks wisely to make your office interior more innovative and creative.

Saffron Touch corporate interior designers have years of experience in office interior designing. Whether you are about to startup an office or want a modern look to your old office designs, our office interior designers will take a deep insight into your vision and make it real.

Essential Tips to Design a Beautiful Garden

Essential Tips to Design a Beautiful Garden & Landscape Architecture

Perfect garden design and an outdoor space can enhance the whole value of the house, but making a beautiful and tropical landscape for your home is not an easy task, it is as crucial as home interior or decor. Today’s, there is an excess of information available on how to design your landscape or on outdoor exterior, but before proceeding with on designing concept, one should understand that landscape is an art which includes flowers, patio, pavers, pathways, water features, trees, Hardscaping and many other things as well as it also reflects the style and taste of an individual.

So, if you are planning to redesign your landscape or want to enhance the look of your outdoor exterior, a proper planning and the basic knowledge of landscape designing is must. Beautiful gardens and lawns provides calmness and tranquility to homeowners.

Saffron Touch landscape Architect designers shared some basic and helpful tips of lawnscape designing: –

  • Carefully Inspect the complete area and gather all necessary information including area size (small/average/ large), soil type, fences and more before buying materials for your yard.
  • After inspecting the area, make a proper budget on decor & requirements and then buy things accordingly
  • Before starting the project on ground, draw everything on paper. Make a proper layout of your landscape design strategy which includes –
  1.  Highlights of your Garden and Lawn
  2.  Weather or Climate Details during the day and night
  3.  Watering Requirement and Availability
  4.  Usage of Trees, Plants and Flowers
  5.  Building of walls and fences to make boundaries
  6.  Addition of Water features, patio, monuments and pavers

If you are done with all planning, garden accessories and plant species, then start your memorable gardening adventure by implementing your creativity on the ground and make a beautiful aesthetically appealing garden in your area. If you require pro assistance in your project, contact Saffron Touch landscape designers, we are happy to serve you.