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Helpful Tips for Bedroom Interior Design & Renovation

As we all know, the bedroom is the most personal room in our home and it must be perfect. After all, it’s the only place where we spent a lot of time relaxing after a hard day’s work. Our best interior designers shared some handy tips to enhance the look and feel of your room. There are three main elements you need to consider while planning to start the interior of your room which are functional, harmony and mood. Taking care of just these elements will resolve most of the interior issue. Plan everything and start with your project.

Some basic design elements to create master bedroom: –

    1. Color: – Start by coloring your bedroom walls. Choose colors which create a feeling of relaxation as well as add luxury & to your lifestyle like royal blue, beige, red or any other as per your taste. Make sure the wall & ceiling paint compliment overall room decor.
    2. Add dynamic light: lighting is the most crucial part. While adding lighting, you need to be extra careful so that the mood of the room is sustained. Bedroom lighting should be warm and peaceful with very less commotion.
    3. Adding Furniture: Rather than buying the new furniture’s, you should repurpose the old furniture. Keep only that furniture which is essential for you, like side-table, dresser or closet. Always go for sleek, simple and clean in design furniture.

After colors, furnishing and furniture, the final step is accessories your room to add extra touch & finish to your room by adding rugs and carpets. You can also add wall art, frames, pictures, flowers or just a simple glass vase but don’t overdo it or it will ruin the room feel. After all this, enjoy the modern, fashionable and trendy look of your bedroom.

Essential Steps to Consider for Successful Building Project

The architecture of a building is one of the most defining features in the home building process Whether you are building your own home or choosing the one that’s already there. It’s obvious that building a new home is much critical task. Many people have trouble considering everything they’re going to need to start new building process. The construction & building process is not as simple as getting the materials and getting start to work. It always takes time and lot of planning. Here, are sharing some of the major steps you should take while building your dream home.

Budget Before Anything Else

Building a complete new home from scratch is a very expensive process. There are many things which comes into the process like material, labor, legal process costs and more. Make sure you have enough finance in your hand and for this there are various option to get financial help for your building process like get a building loan pre-approved. Hire a professional architect or contractor to get more specific estimates on building process finance and always keep a keen eye on the budget of each step of the build.

The Legal Steps

Other major expense is legal steps to go ahead with your build process. There are various approvals you must get before starting the construction like planning and building permit. get all the necessary information from councils about the land you are about to purchase. Then after land purchase and permit approvals, you can start building.

Choosing Your Contractors

After completion of all above steps, the next and the most important part is choosing interior designers, architects and building team. In your dream building project, you need people you can rely on. Carefully watch and explore the profile & portfolios of architects and designers to make sure your project is in safe hands.

Know Your Needs & Wants

Before starting the construction process, know all your needs and wants you wants in your dream home to make it more trendy and comfortable. Spend some extra time on this to get everything planned to avoid any kind of mistakes in the form and functionality of your home.

Architectural renovations

Difference Between Interior Designer and Interior Decorator

Most of the people thinks interior designer and interior decorator are the same and often used synonymously, but believe it not, there are a lot difference between these two professions. Both professions work to decorate the space, but there are many things which makes these two careers apart from one’s another. Each one has a special job description and function.

Before giving an explanation on the role difference between two, one must need to understand the difference between an interior design and interior decor. Interior design is the process of creating functional space to satisfy client requirements which involves research, analysis and integration of knowledge. An interior decoration is mainly to decorate, furnish & embellish an existing space to make it more appealing and beautiful.

Interior Designers: – Interior Designer is the person who has knowledge about construction practices and building codes. An interior designer basically works with the architectural aspects and create plans which includes building design, layouts, lighting, sound. An interior designer’s main job is to create a functional space by applying their innovative and technical solutions. An interior designer can also decorate the space as they have both artistic and analytic skills.

Interior Decorators: – An interior decorator will help you redecorate your space. They are not involved in the design of the building and layout. Interior decorators are aesthetic experts and focus on wall decor, paints, furniture arrangements, flooring and textures of a space. They can work with all kind of sectors like residential, commercial and office. An interior decorator job is to furnish or adorn a space with fashionable or beautiful things which match personality and style of the residents.

Now, you have the difference. Hire the best fit as per your need and requirement. If you still have any queries, do not hesitate to contact our interior designers and decorators. Saffron Touch has Chandigarh & Delhi best interior designers and decorators who are ready to assist you.